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  Origin Services


  Special Logistics

Our "Upstream Approach" to the fulfillment process allows us to eliminate any disturbances within the supply chain before they happen. This prevents any unforeseen compliance issues that can cause delays and unnecessary expenses, which ensures a clean supply chain from origin to destination.

  QHE  is a leader in transporting cargo that requires special handling such as oversized, heavy weight and high-risk products. We utilize state of the art electronic freight security measures to monitor and secure goods, and have years of experience delivering time sensitive cargo and heavy equipment in the toughest locations.

  Destination Services


  Consulting Services

We increase customer profitability by improving overall cycle times that keep products secure and clients at ease. We bring only the best quality and peace of mind while providing the savings and benefits that come with a full service, one source provider from origin to destination.   Finding the right partner and proper procedure to improve supply chain visibility, drive down costs and minimize liability can be challenging. Our bird's eye view of a supply chain allows us to identify risks and inefficiencies that could cripple organizations if left undetected. Our specialties include: re-engineering, start up and business process improvement.











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